Robotic Movements For A Good Cause

By December 16, 2016 R&D Tax Credits

Researchers at the University of Minnesota have created a robotic arm system that can be moved by just thinking. Most of these robotic arm systems need extensive invasive brain surgery to successfully achieve their goal, moving. Researchers have come up with a helmet that allows the robotic arm to move. The helmet works when the user thinks that they want to move the arm. The robotic arm can reach and grasp objects while only using the users’ thoughts, no brain implants required. The user just needs to imagine they are moving their own hands for the robotic arm system to move.

The user needs an EKG helmet to get the robotic arm system to move. The EKG helmet simulates the brain’s motor cortex. When human beings think about movement, the neurons in their motor cortex react by lighting new neurons.  The robotic arm’s computer platform reads these reactions and understands that the person wants to move and allows the robotic arm to move.

This groundbreaking research will allow people who are paralyzed or have neurodegenerative diseases to conduct their daily activities more independently. Past robotic arm experiments have been successful after connecting the system to the patient’s brain or nervous system. This system is noninvasive and will let anyone control the robotic arm by only using their minds.

The Research and Development Tax Credit can be claimed by researchers who create new and advanced design improvement to products or processes. This type of federal and state tax incentive can be obtained by companies who create innovative technology like the robotic arm system. To learn more about these federal and state tax credits visit the Indago website or email us at