Our proprietary approach saves valuable time for our clients, enabling them to remain focused on their core business.

We have created a trusted program that enables us to act as an extension of a CPA’s tax department and a corporation’s accounting department. The implementation of a strategic R&D Tax Credit study does take client effort, however. Designating a liaison to work with our group is crucial for information flow and document requests.

When you turn to Indago to maximize your credit opportunity, we go through an in-depth and proven process to ensure you receive every credit you deserve.

here is what the process looks like:

Hello, Nice to Meet You!

In this initial assessment and feasibility phase, Indago performs an introductory analysis of the company’s potential R&D credits to determine if there is value in proceeding with a formal study. This is complimentary. If the client decides to proceed and engage with Indago, there are no upfront fees whatsoever.

Let’s Get to Work

In this phase of the process, Indago is officially under contract and documentation and technical reporting occurs. This is the bulk of the project.

Once an Indago technical team has been assigned to the client, the kick-off meeting ensues and data collection and technical interviewing begin. Findings are analyzed and reviewed for accuracy and completeness using Indago’s experience and proven methodologies. Multiple sets of eyes look over every one of our projects.

Look What We Have Here

After we have extracted all the quality information we need and substantiated how the credits meet the study’s highest standards and requirements, Indago presents its findings and our reports are shared with the client and their CPA for inclusion on tax returns.

The formal study is finalized and a strategy is put into place for future years. We won’t be as laborious the second time around and you will definitely want us back.

The Final Touches

Now that the client has the impeccable work product, it is time to claim the credits. Here, a tax manager from Indago walks the client’s CPA through including the R&D Tax Credits on the client’s returns.

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