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With decades of combined experience regarding the Research and Development Tax Credit, Indago is a tech-forward, innovative, and professional group of tax experts, CPAs, attorneys, and industry engineers committed to helping businesses of all sizes and other tax professionals identify eligibility, file, and receive this incredible tax incentive provided by the United States government.

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Whether looking to increase profit margins, make a key new hire, expand services, purchase new equipment, or open an additional location – Indago handles the entire process of finding and filing your Research and Development Tax Credit.

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For many businesses, reducing their tax obligation by tens of thousands of dollars could spell the difference between a successful year, or another year in the red. It can be the difference between new product lines and expansion, or downsizing.

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The R&D Tax Credit

In this competitive market, every dollar counts – so why do so many innovative and forward thinking businesses leave thousands of dollars in potential tax credits on the table year after year? The answer is simple, yet frustrating: Most businesses and their tax teams don’t understand the Research and Development Tax Credit.

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We aim to be your resource for the long run. We love watching your business grow and evolve year after year, and are there to strategically support you and determine what makes sense for your bottom line, providing suggestions to both your accounting department and tax preparer.​


We can help make a determination in less than 10 minutes! Contact us to find out what your opportunity may be this tax year.

Indago for cpas

The overwhelming majority of CPAs do not offer filing support for the Research and Development Tax Credit – and for good reason.

The high-level intricacies, rules, regulations, and specifics inherent in this complex tax credit can be overwhelming for even the most experienced CPA. However, the majority of businesses in the United States would qualify for this tax credit if it were applied for – meaning millions of dollars in tax credits go unclaimed every year, simply because the business and their tax professionals never filed for it. But Indago is here to help.

What sets us apart?

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We cost an average 33% less than our competitors. How? Indago has created a proprietary methodology to capture and substantiate credits that is competitive and still of the utmost quality. We charge a percentage of the credits generated and only bill at the completion of the project with the delivery of report and calculations for filing.


An average Indago study takes 4-6 weeks to complete. We develop a custom work plan to coincide with your timeline and needs, and promise that a delay will never be on our end. Our clients are so confident in our skill set and work product because we only claim what is valid and true R&D.


We know that choosing the correct consulting firm for your businesses needs can be overwhelming. We are positioned to identify, track, document, secure, and defend our clients’ R&D investments with confidence and assurance. We are a tax consulting firm that aims to be a trusted advisor like your CPA. That is why we bring our clients’ CPAs into the loop regardless of whether we were referred by them.

Indago empowers Cpas

Indago works exclusively with the R&D Tax Credit, which means we can quickly and easily identify, file, and support CPAs who want to differentiate their CPA business services by offering the Research and Development Tax Credit to their clients. Indago partners with CPAs interested in adding this tax credit to their professional offerings, and provides total support after the filing in the event of an audit.

The Indago Difference

At Indago, our sole focus is the R&D Tax Credit – period. What does this mean for your business? Quick, efficient, and cost-effective expert tax credit support that puts tens of thousands of dollars back into your bottom line – and all at a cost that is nearly a third lower than any other tax support provider out there. Because we are focused on one tax credit, we are able to identify, file, and support our clients quickly, efficiently, and inexpensively – leaving more money in your ledger.

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