A New Smart Lock for Your House

By February 10, 2017 R&D Tax Credits

There’s a high probability that at times you’ve wanted access to a technology that allows you to let people in your house when you’re still stuck at work or traffic. August, a smart home company, has developed the August Smart Lock which permits you to remotely control and monitor your door and allows you to lock it and unlock it through the convenience of an app on your smartphone. August’s users can utilize Siri, Apple’s platform, and Alexa, Amazon’s platform, to lock and unlock their home doors. Moreover, the platform can be integrated to existing products like Nest and Honeywell Total Connect App.

Along with the key partnerships, August offers two innovative products: August Smart Keypad and Doorbell Cam. The August Smart Keypad is a numbered keyboard which allows users to access their home by pressing on a set code on their Smart Lock. August can provide users with long term or temporary codes. Thus, for example, cleaning, dog walking, or grocery service companies have a temporary or a single use code to complete their transaction and deliver the product or complete their service. While, you can save a long term code for family members and friends. This innovative product facilitates the simple action of allowing an individual into a house, but with the catch of being able to achieve it from a remote place, such as work or traffic.

The Doorbell Cam permits August users from seeing and talking to whomever is waiting at their door. The August app, through a Bluetooth connection, initiates a video that allows the user to buzz anyone in. The Cam also functions as a security monitor and it sends notifications, through the app, when it detects any motions.

Additionally, August also offers a platform called August Access. The platform, available through the August app, allows service companies access to your home. This time there is no need for a temporary code. The platform grants these third-party companies access to your house and sends you a notification when they enter. As an added plus, if you purchase the Doorbell Cam you can also detect when they show up to the door to deliver the service or product.

In sum, companies similar to August can definitely take advantage of the Research and Development Tax Credit. Given that August is developing innovative products and software they are the perfect candidate to claim this federal and state tax incentive. For more information on federal tax credits and state tax credits, visit the Indago website www.indagotax.com or email us at hello@indagotax.com