We help innovative companies claim R&D Tax Credits.

We map out our clients’ R&D opportunity and create a personalized R&D tax credit program.

We are a talented group of go-getters

— a mix of CPAs, engineers, strategists, and advocates for our clients. We believe in claiming what is rightfully due to our clients and what is true R&D. It is important to discuss the incentive and explore a company’s opportunity and the feasibility of the project for the client.

Indago stands for accuracy, legitimacy, efficiency, and timeliness. We understand the pains of CPAs and businesses’ busy schedules and deadlines, and we will not add to that pressure.

what is our work product?

It is one product: An R&D Tax Credit Study.
It is made up of two mutually inclusive parts. We are resolute that one cannot be without the other:

1Valuable Credit Calculations — for filing on corporate and/or shareholder tax returns.

2Comprehensive Report — impeccable documentation and substantiation of every credit claimed.

what sets us apart? 


We follow the IRS’ Information Document Request (IDR) to a T, ensuring our work product is audit-ready like an insurance package. On average, we find and substantiate 50% more credits than other firms. Why? Because we care about learning about your business and what you are actually performing day after day. We maximize what our clients are due — we work up unto the line and never cross it.


An average Indago study takes 4-6 weeks to complete. We develop a custom work plan to coincide with your timeline and needs, and promise that a delay will never be on our end. Our clients are so confident in our skill set and work product because we only claim what is valid and true R&D.


We cost an average 33% less than our competitors. How? Indago has created a proprietary methodology to capture and substantiate credits that is competitive and still of the utmost quality. We charge a percentage of the credits generated and only bill at the completion of the project with the delivery of report and calculations for filing.


We know that choosing the correct consulting firm for your businesses needs can be overwhelming. We are positioned to identify, track, document, secure, and defend our clients’ R&D investments with confidence and assurance. We are a tax consulting firm that aims to be a trusted advisor like your CPA. That is why we bring our clients’ CPAs into the loop regardless of whether we were referred by them.

We drive 90% of our business through CPA referrals. Why? Because 99% of the time the R&D Tax Credit is outside the scope of a CPA’s service offerings. We work as an extension of their business and your accounting department. Indago is the group that you will want to partner with for the long run.